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final cover600For more than thirty years Millichap Books (formerly Council Oak) has been bringing you the best in Indigenous Wisdom titles. Books like Fools Crow by Thomas Mails, Beyond Fear by Miguel Ruiz, Being & Vibration by Joseph Rael have attested to the value of Shamanic traditions to inform and improve our lives.

We are happy to announce that Walking the Medicine Wheel: Healing Trauma and PTSD is now available. This book is a milestone title that will change the way we think about mental health, the returning warrior and the communities that welcome their soldiers home. Dr. David Kobacz MD, assistant professor at the University of Washington and psychiatrist  in mental health integration at the Seattle VA, has worked with the psychological wounds of war especially PTSD. His new book, Walking the Medicine Wheel: Healing PTSD, co-written with Native American visionary, Joseph Rael, uses ancient ceremony to heal the warrior’s wounds of separation and bring him/her home to the heart of community. Order now

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