The Enzyme Factor 2

theenzymefactor2The Enzyme Factor 2 Hiromi Shinya, MD $18 USA/ $20.95 Canada Trade Paperback TK Pages, 6 x 9 ISBN 978-1-957462-23-9 Lifestyle/Diet/Health

In The Enzyme Factor 2, Dr. Hiromi Shinya again turns his visionary genius to the Power of Enzymes to cure and restore. He provides even more compelling ways to obtain a young heart and fresh body, reverse aging, stop Alzheimers, prevent diabetes and rejuvenate your sex life. “Much of modern medicine loses touch with the body as a whole system. He calls all medicine ‘poison’ which should be used only as intervention for a short time. We need to work with a person’s whole system to bring about health and healing.” Dr. Shinya’s research supports the idea of the body’s own  miracle enzyme out of which all the enzymes the body needs are produced. He suggests cancer and other diseases occur when this key enzyme is stressed and cannot properly  rejuvenate the body’s cellular structures. Dr. Shinya shows how what we eat can support or suppress that key enzyme. Dr. Hiromi Shinya, MD, made a medical breakthrough when he was the co-inventor of colonoscopic surgery without the need for incision. This technique is named the Shinya technique for his contribution. He is retired Chief of Surgical Endoscopy, Beth Israel Medical Center and Retired Professor of Surgery at Albert Einstein College Medicine.


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Enzyme Factor is now available as an audio book from Audible.

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