The Art of Navigation: Travels with Carlos Castaneda and Beyond


By Felix Wolf

$20.00 USA/$24.95 Canada
Trade Paperback Original
324 pages, 6×9
Memoir / Body, Mind & Spirit

“Be prepared to step into a new way of being in the world as you turn the first page.”
– DONNA THOMSON, author of The Vibrant Life

The Art of Navigation examines how the author’s association with Carlos Castaneda transformed his life — from a first encounter in 1980 up to the present, more than a decade after Castaneda’s death. The story follows the journey of a modern-day shaman’s apprentice over thirty years and across the globe, from hedonistic beginnings towards surrender and awakening, from a focus on magic and power to the emergence of love and compassion. The central theme of this memoir is the art of navigation, which entails living life in the spirit of a magical treasure hunt – playful, intuitive, fluid and fully aware in the Now.

The memoir starts out with a literally mind-stopping event that occurred shortly after Castaneda’s death, effectively completing the author’s apprenticeship. Then the narrative swings back to the beginning of the journey in the mountains of Sri Lanka; from there it follows a path of magic and discovery that leads through India, Nepal, Germany, France, Mexico and the United States. It is an honest and unpretentious account of an unusual spiritual awakening, introducing the art of navigation as a most elegant and fascinating pathway into our essential nature.

About the author

felixwolfFelix Wolf found himself unexpectedly initiated into the mythological world of anthropologist and shaman Carlos Castaneda while on a two year sabbatical in Sri Lanka. This initiation led to a magical odyssey around the globe and culminated in a three-year apprenticeship with Castaneda until his death in 1998. During this time Wolf translated some of Castaneda’s writings into his native German and served as Castaneda’s simultaneous translator. Felix Wolf teaches workshops on the art of navigation and lectures internationally to a variety of audiences. He currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. His website is The Art of Navigation