Beautiful Painted Arrow Visionary Art Cards

Beautiful Painted Arrow
Visionary Cards – The Path of the Red Road

Joseph Rael
ISBN 978-1-937462-33-8
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Indigenous Wisdom/Divination
Discover Your Power and Life Purpose

“We have no idea of our own potential. We have many, many more powers than we ever use.”

  • The Path of the Red Road is your heart path, the way of your life’s true purpose.
  • Each card has a message for you.

Exquisitely beautiful… each of the cards carries a potent spiritual metaphor to empower the seeker’s journey through the Four Directions. Larry Burk, MD, CEHP, Author of Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist

Angels of Light

Angelic guidance is available to help you align with your sacred path and guide you in the steps to manifest your vision.

Once we have decided to come to this Earth, we have to live up to certain criteria, because what we are doing has a direct connection to what is going on in the other dimensions. Each of us came here as the result of a vision. The planet had a vision, and as a result of that, you happened and I happened. Once the planet had a vision, then we came as a result of divine calling, divine longing. So we agreed to come down, and by the time we were born we had already been given a place on the planet. We were born to fulfill that vision. All the trials and tribulations are exercises. Their purpose is to make us the best possible conduits to move energy through the world, to enhance creation. ~ Sound, pg.144

Life puts us in a very interesting place, a holy place, a sacred place, where we have awesome potential. Success comes when we follow inspiration, when we give ourselves to inspiration. Then inspiration will continue to give us the energy to unfold the plan that it told us to do. It will bring to us whatever we need to further inspire us. ~ Sound, pg. 216–17

Three Angelic beings surround a face looking skyward. They emerge from a green frame that contains fifteen feathers that spiral upward around a medicine wheel.

The Red Road

Your power and life purpose lie on your Red Road.

I am often asked, “Grandfather, what is the Red Road?”
A lot of people think the Red Road is for Native Americans. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I created these cards because I want to help everyone understand how to live the Path of the Red Road.

First you have to imagine the Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel is a circle with four directions. The east is the mental body; the south is the emotional body; the west is the physical body and the north is the spiritual body. Each of us has a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body.

Draw a big circle. Mark the four directions. Draw a line east to west between the mental and the physical then draw another line south to north. Take a red marker and color the line between the south (emotion) and the north (spirit). This line represents the Red Road. Emotions move us up the Red Road through our heart toward our spirit in the north. Our spirit calls us to expand our awareness, expand our consciousness. We are in the dimension of perceptual reality and that means we are here to expand our awareness or our ability to perceive. Two people can look at the same thing and perceive it differently depending on their awareness.

The Red Road is the line on the Medicine Wheel between emotions in the south and spirit in the north. The mind is in the east and the physical world is in the west. We need to practice being whole by balancing and taking care of all of these aspects of ourselves. Notice on the Medicine Wheel you have drawn all four aspects; mind, body emotion and spirit, and these aspects form a cross at the center of the wheel. This is the heart. Emotion creates movement through the heart meeting our mind and body and through effort pushes that horizontal bar of the cross upward toward greater awareness; an enlightened mind and body merges with feeling and divine spirit. Your center shifts upward and your Medicine Wheel expands to incorporate your new center.

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