Being in the Fifth World

Beautiful Painted Arrow Visionary Cards – The Path of the Red Road

As you come to this New World, I ask you to come with respect. I mean respect for all things, respecting the divine presence of the Tree of Life, for this is our family tree, our world tree of all of the families of all of the eternities. In respect you might want to purify your body of salt and sugar and to fast. In respect you might want to chant to purify your mind. ~ Being & Vibration, pg. 112

Chant the sound – WAH – the sound of water as light, as divine light as the original breath. And out of that breath we were all made including the sun. WAH is a call to the ancestors, a recognition and honoring of our ancestors that calls all of the love, wisdom and resourcefulness gained in the first, second, third and fourth worlds into this present moment, as we step together into the new world. ~Being & Vibration, pg. 134

Now it is time to go to the fifth world. In the fifth world, the New World, we have Pah-Nu. Pah-Nu means the infinite self and the vast self. It is time to awaken into the light that fuses our personal self into the vast self. ~ Being & Vibration, pg. 120

The image of a thunderbird with wings. two faces look upward for inspiration. They are labelled 4th world and 5th world. The center has a medicine shield holding the 1st, 2nd and 3rd world. On the shield a dancer is drinking light from the sun and a rainbow is pouring light into a dipper for the people.

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Walking the Medicine Wheel: Healing Trauma & PTSD

final-cover600Millichap Books and TriS Foundation are very pleased to announce the publication of Walking the Medicine Wheel: Healing Trauma and PTSD by David Kopacz, MD and Joseph Rael, MA (Beautiful Painted Arrow).

Psychiatrist and holistic & integrative physician, David Kopacz, and Native American Visionary, Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow), create a healing path to help our veterans suffering trauma and PTSD to come home. Even when out of the war zone, combat-readiness persists in the veterans’ nervous system. This book uses the circular pathway of the medicine wheel to re-train that nervous system.


Rather than viewing trauma, obstacles and disappointments as negatives, the medicine wheel offers a way of transforming these events into opportunities for personal growth. Walking the medicine wheel is walking a spiritual path – integrating body-emotion-mind-spirit, within the circle of the four directions. The book provides practical exercises of guided imagery and ceremony to help returning veterans feel they have a purpose and have something, not only of value, but, of critical importance to give to their families and their communities.

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