Broken Pots

broken-potsMy foster mother was a potter at Picuris Pueblo in the years that I was growing up. Because she was a potter, I got to hear her songs and hear her prayers. I would go up to the mountains with her and we would dig micaceous clay. We would bring it down and she would put it in tubs of water so that the little stones would sink to the bottom. She would put the clay through a strainer and would let the pure clay sit in the buckets for a while.Eventually the clay would become soft earth and she could work it with her hands. She would roll the clay into a rope that looked like a long water snake about the thickness of my thumb. She would make five or six of these little clay snakes.

She began making her pot from the base, coiling one rope over another. She’d put down one coil and then cut it off with her hand and then she’d start another one and keep growing it until the pot was the size she wanted. When it was the right size she would take half of a broken piece of pottery and smooth out the edges. She used to make up songs that had my name in them. She would be singing and polishing the pottery singing, “Beautiful Painted Arrow.” When she was finished she would put the pot into the fire. After it was fired, she would let it sit until it cooled off. One day, one of the pots broke and she said, “Okay, here’s a lesson for all of us. Here is a lesson for you, too. When a piece of pot breaks, don’t throw it away; you can’t throw it into the trash receptacle, you’ve got to save it, every little piece of it.

“There’s a pile that you take it to where all broken pottery goes. All of these pots eventually go back to the spirit of the micaceous clay where it came from. This piece of pottery that you’re seeing in front of you is a broken piece of pottery. If you will look more closely at the broken pot you will see there are two sides; that is the reflective vibration. There is the reflection in which the pot is going to pottery heaven and there is the other that is lying on the earth. You have the heavenly plains and the earthly plains. Everything returns to the source. Everything happens and then it goes and then it comes around again. In another time, perhaps in another century, that being will come again into the micaceous clay in the mountains.” Then, maybe 2,000 or 3,000 years from now, there will be a potter who will be born in a village and that potter will get some of that clay and get the soul from our pot that ascended into the heavens. The potter will make a new pot and the soul of the pottery will exist once again. Cycles repeat themselves so the pot will be broken again and it will be taken to where all broken pottery is taken. The cycle will start again and the pot will go up to pottery heaven, and then in time it will come back down and this will continue for as long there are the sacred pottery makers. – Being & Vibration, Millichap Books, Page 20

Angels of Light

angelsof light400When I get a vision, I am told exactly, step by step, how to do it, and if I don’t do it right then there are angels, or beings, that come from the other side and tell me I made a mistake.

Once you agree to be a visionary, the above beings give you a vision and you have to do it; you can’t say no. Once we have decided to come to this Earth, we have to live up to certain criteria, because what we are doing has a direct connection to what is going on in the other dimensions. Each of us came here as the result of a vision. The planet had a vision, and as a result of that, you happened and I happened. Once the planet had a vision, then we came as a result of divine calling, divine longing. So we agreed to come down, and by the time we were born we had already been given a place on the planet. We were born to fulfill that vision. All the trials and tribulations are exercise. Their purpose is to make us the best possible conduits to move energy through the world, to enhance creation. We come here to manifest. We come to live in the world of illusion, to be in states of awe. ~ Sound, Native Teachings and Visionary Art, Pg. 143, Millichap Books

Soul Drinking Light

summer rains500A vision is the soul drinking light. It starts with descending light, like falling rain. The descending light is the feminine, the receptive. It is just light or undifferentiated energy. To someone perceiving the vision, it looks like a picture, or a phenomenon, but it’s really just the action of the soul drinking light. The visionary transformation happens in the act of perception. The soul, or consciousness, or the vast Self is drinking light that looks like awareness. It looks like receptivity; it has the quality of “as-above-so-below.” It has the quality of “heaven is here now.” What you want to achieve is here now, ready, given. Earth is fused with it; therefore, we can materialize it now and make it real.

That light is innocence. Everything is now open to learning; everything is now open to curiosity. Now we have the potential of creating from it what it can be or wants to be. Now we are given the energy. The vision gives the perceiver the energy — physical energy as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. “Do it!”

Above all, the vision connects the personal self to the vast Self. In fact, it’s all simply the vast Self seeing, making something perceptual because it is going to materialize it. Without materializing, matter can’t exist. Without materializing, the land can’t exist — the land, which is a metaphor of the vast Self.

You see, the vast Self is total nothingness. Nothing. The earth is simply a concretized, slowed-down energetic being that ended up material. What the vastness sees is what it creates. But, because it is creating what it is seeing, that vast seeing that it’s doing is creating a lot of interrelationships — interconnectedness, and relationship connections. Perception does that by its very nature. Perception is a connector, a linker. Everything is linked to everything else.

~ Ceremonies of the Living Spirit by Joseph Rael, Millichap Books