The Enzyme Factor


Hiromi Shinya, MD
$18 USA / $20.95 Canada
Trade paperback 6 x 9
184 pages, 6×9
ISBN 978-0-9822900-3-3

“Your health depends on how well you maintain –  rather than exhaust – the source enzymes in
your body.”

As our national medical system faces serious breakdowns Hiromi Shinya MD points the way to a new vision for health care. His revolutionary research  suggests we have a prototype enzyme that is the key to life and health. After 45 years as  a practicing physician and examining over 300,000 people in the United States and Japan, Dr. Shinya tells us exactly what to do to be healthy, to stay healthy, and even to  cure disease.

Dr. Shinya’s revolutionary research suggests we have a prototype enzyme that is the key to life and health.

Patients who follow Dr. Shinya’s diet and health advice get well and stay well. “Your body has a miraculous ability to heal itself,” says Dr. Shinya. “In fact, your body is the only healing system that can bring you back into balance when illness strikes. Medicine can support your body through an emergency, surgery can be necessary in certain circumstances, but it is only your own body that has the ability to heal.”

In this groundbreaking book Dr. Shinya explains what this miracle enzyme probably is and what you can do to enhance it. He shows how what you eat affects your store of this important enzyme. With this knowledge he holds out the very real expectation that you can live a healthy, vibrant life into a good old age.

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Enzyme Factor is now available as an audio book from Audible.

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