My Story from
Purging to Painting
Nancy Calef with
Jody Weiner
$22.95 USD
trade paperback
156 pages, 9 x 7 inches
149 color paintings
and drawings
Memoir / Art / Health

This memoir tells the story of how Calef ingeniously transformed her
mother’s ravenous ambition for Nancy to be a ‘star’ — through much
childhood and young adulthood suffering — into a world stage where the
audience becomes sensitively and beautifully executed human beings, evoked
with irony, humor, and pathos in a painting style uniquely her own.”
—Jack Hirschman
award-winning author,
poet, painter, and former
poet laureate of San Francisco

Much can be said about art as a venue for healing and transformation. Throughout the world and in classrooms and organizations across the country, art is used as a creative outlet for those who are struggling with personal challenges and traumas. In Peoplescapes, artist Nancy Calef shares with readers her journey transcending an eating disorder and the paintings and drawings that helped her recover. Driven by honest self-examination and daily commitment to convert her self-destructive energy into creative expression and physical exercise, Calef provides in these pages inspiration for others to help themselves transcend deep emotional and physical obstructions. More than a cocktail table art book, Peoplescapes — My Story from Purging to Painting is an around-the-world tale of self-discovery, courage and love, at turns hilarious and heart-breaking, while Calef’s luminous talent shines through.