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A Farm in Marin: Portraits in Time from Pangaea to Point Reyes by Sheri Ritchlin

is both funny and thought-provoking as it mingles the whole of Earth history and the cosmos itself with our day-to-day moments and relationships. It combines memoir, history and fiction to produce a new genre which reflects a nascent twenty-first century shift in perspective. I call it a “deep history.”

The work travels across this deep history as if it were a vast continent of the mind, creating a different kind of Present, even as a telescope brings into our current moment a scene not otherwise accessible to us: A distant planet or the rings of Saturn; an island in the sea or a rare bird on a branch. Our personal present expands richly from this experience and so does our own “presence” on the planet.
A Farm in Marin is a story of migrations—of continents and of people; migrations born of desperation and upheaval, as we see today, but also of hope and ambition. An Earth Calendar is introduced at the outset in which the Earth’s history is condensed into a single year. This forms the foundation of the entire book as the underlying story; Gaia’s story. Above this, geological, cultural and personal histories are layered in a narrative that combines the writer’s experience of the present with portraits of people from across the reaches of time. Each portrait stands alone as a humorous, serious or informative cameo, followed by a background of the times and places. You will meet Homer and Aeneas, Augustine of Hippo, Tariq ibn Ziyad, Petrarch, Jefferson, Franklin, John Sutter, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Muir and many others. See more…

Beautiful Painted Arrow
Visionary Cards – The Path of the Red Road


Joseph Rael
ISBN 978-1-937462-33-8

Indigenous Wisdom/Divination

Discover Your Power and Life Purpose

Sample Reading

“We have no idea of our own potential. We have many, many more powers than we ever use.”

  • The Path of the Red Road is your heart path, the way of your life’s true purpose.
  • Each card has a message for you.

Exquisitely beautiful… each of the cards carries a potent spiritual metaphor to empower the seeker’s journey through the Four Directions. Larry Burk, MD, CEHP, Author of Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist



Walking the Medicine Wheel: Healing Trauma and PTSD

For more than thirty years Millichap Books (formerly Council Oak) has been bringing you the best in Indigenous Wisdom titles. Books like Fools Crow by Thomas Mails, Beyond Fear by Miguel Ruiz, Being & Vibration by Joseph Rael have attested to the value of Shamanic traditions to inform and improve our lives.

We are happy to announce that Walking the Medicine Wheel: Healing Trauma and PTSD is now available. This book is a milestone title that will change the way we think about mental health, the returning warrior and the communities that welcome their soldiers home. Dr. David Kobacz MD, assistant professor at the University of Washington and psychiatrist  in mental health integration at the Seattle VA, has worked with the psychological wounds of war especially PTSD. His new book, Walking the Medicine Wheel: Healing PTSD, co-written with Native American visionary, Joseph Rael, uses ancient ceremony to heal the warrior’s wounds of separation and bring him/her home to the heart of community. Order now

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