House of Shattering Light: Life as an American Indian Mystic

house of shattering lightBy Joseph Rael

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216 pages, 5 x 7
Native American / Spirituality
ISBN 978-0-9823274-4-9

“The ancient spiritual secrets of this
continent had to be shared in order for the
planet and all sentient beings to survive . . .”

Here is the amazing personal story of
Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, from
his birth on the Southern Ute reservation,
through his childhood at Picuris Pueblo,
to his work today as a healer, visionary and man of peace. It is a story of the power of Native American ceremonies, both ancient and contemporary, of visions, miracles, and mystical knowledge.

“Outstanding as a volume which brings American Indian philosophy and wisdom into today’s world.”

What is it like to be a contemporary American Indian mystic? What sequence of experiences come together to form a mystic’s path? How would you deal with the visions that come and carry you to alternate dimensions without notice and at the most inopportune times? In House of Shattering Light: Life as an American Indian Mystic, Joseph Rael reveals how such questions shaped his life and his visions for the future.

“This House of Shattering Light – this perceptual reality in which we live and of which we are a part – exists only for the soul’s purpose of continuing its own livelihood.”  -Joseph Rael


About the author

josephraelJoseph Rael, whose name, Tslew-teh-koyeh, given to him as a child at Picuris Pueblo, means Beautiful Painted Arrow is widely regarded as one of the great Native American holy men of our time. For over 25 years Joseph Rael has led spiritual dances in the Native American mode, workshops, and mystery schools all over the world. He is the author of a number of books, including Sound, Beautiful Painted Arrow, Way of Inspiration, Ceremonies of the Living Spirit, and House of Shattering Light. His portal art paintings have been displayed in galleries in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and San Francisco.

As a Native American elder Joseph Rael has spoken before the United Nations and addressed a conference of military officers at the Pentagon on the role of the warrior in the modern world. His website is Joseph Rael.
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