Being & Vibration: Entering the New World

by Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow)

– a new and greatly expanded and enhanced edition of Joseph’s seminal book

beingandvibrationcover copy

Joseph’s art in four colors throughout

Joseph’s vision for the Sound Chambers

Special Mystery School for Entering the New World


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ISBN 978-1937462307

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josph in sound chamberFor More Information About Joseph Rael

“The one thing that I know for sure is that we are eternal beings. We’re not going anywhere and yet we’ve been somewhere and everywhere.

Even though we are two-legged in this lifetime, and we are sitting here now, we go back all the way to the first story of Creation. This is your story.  It belongs to you because it is the story of the two-leggeds, the four-leggeds and all of the creations from the time we began this journey. We came down into the first world, the second world, the third world, the fourth world. Now, we are going into the fifth world, the New World.”– Joseph Rael